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Supporting sustainable community development through training, administration and facilitation services

Walking alongside you on your sustainability journey

Community and not for profit organisation support and training

  • Not for profits
  • Marae

  • Schools
  • Iwi organisations
  • Start ups
  • Growing small businesses
  • Social Enterprises
  • Communities

Helping you to grow a stronger  and more resilient community through support and training in:

  • Visualising your future and  how to start on the path to create it
  • Developing systems to manage your organisation more cost efficiently and effectively
  • Focusing on your core activity or services
  • Optimising your organisations governance and administration processes 
  • Understanding and developing an "inclusive" organisation 
  • Keeping pace with technology
  • Complying with end of year reporting or audit requirements
  • Managing projects you don’t have the time or staff to do yourself
  • Developing your staff and volunteers through training and ongoing support

Empowering Your Organisation

How I can help

I provide services, support or training at grassroots level in administration, planning, governance and management freeing up financial and human resources to focus on delivering the core business or service.

My support will help reduce your professional fees, ensure you implement well planned projects with sound monitoring and control systems and enhance the internal processes and procedures of your community organisation or small business.

My wide experience in community and school organisations, small business development and over 7 years in audit and end of year compilation in a CA firm  has given me  insight to the many hidden pitfalls and problems encountered by those with a passion for their organisation or business but need a helping hand with the areas outside their skills and experience.

My goal is to help you achieve your purpose, improve the quality of internal information, planning and decision making – resulting in a more effective and efficient organisation. This ultimately creates a positive flow into the social and economic development of our region.

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